Not long ago we mentioned the new word coined by ABR to describe what the cubs are doing – getting chubby, or “chubbifying.”  Now that hyperphagia has set in, all three cubs are doing this very well.  They are spending most of their time foraging, and the curators oblige their increased appetites by providing extra food so the cubs never run out.  Today we have photos of all three of the cubs as they forage and eat.

Finn and Andy

Finnegan and Andy Bear stuffing themselves.

Andy Bear has been so diligent about his eating that he is almost as big as Finnegan now!


Andy can be recognized by his ear tags. Finn doesn’t have ear tags.

Finnegan was too small when he arrived to be given ear tags.  He will receive them when he is worked up for release.


Eliza Bear is getting her share of the food.

When we see the siblings side by side it is apparent that Andy is larger now.  When they first came to ABR Eliza was bigger than her brother, but since female black bears are generally about two-thirds the size of males, it’s not surprising that Andy has surpassed her.


Andy and Eliza Bear forage together.


Finnegan takes a brief moment to catch his breath before eating some more.

We hope you aren’t getting tired of photos showing the bears eating – that’s pretty much all they are doing these days.