ABR received a large quantity of fresh grapes from a supporter.  Curator Coy “served” them to the cubs by throwing the grapes over the fence for them to find.  Bears do love grapes, and it didn’t take the cubs long to locate the yummy treats and chow down.  They even did so in view of the camera, so we can see their enthusiasm.


Finnegan forages for fresh grapes, a real treat for the cubs.

Eliza and Finnegan

Eliza joins Finnegan in the search for grapes.


Eliza stands up to get a better view and sniff.


Andy comes to join the “grape party.”

Eliza and Andy

Eliza and Andy Bear are munching the tasty grapes.

Although by far the most of a bear’s diet is plant-based, about 15% is meat, mostly in the form of insects or other small critters.  Coy saw two such creatures that could have been (but weren’t) food for the cubs.  If the cubs had not been so busy with the grapes, they might have eaten one of these.


A cicada on a tree would make a tasty snack.


A frog jumped up on one of the logs in the Cubby Pool. Good thing for him that the cubs were busy.

The cubs do, indeed, supplement the diet that the curators provide by catching and eating the various critters that inhabit the Wild Enclosure.  We’ve seen a lizard tail hanging out of a cub’s mouth, and have watched cubs lick insects off of the bark of a tree.  As omnivores, bears will eat most anything that they find.