Today Eliza Bear is featured, due to the fact that she was the only one of the three cubs who showed herself during the curator’s observation time.  The only time the curator can observe the cubs is when the food has just been thrown over the fence into the Wild Enclosure.  That’s why the photos so often show the cubs eating!  Finnegan and Andy Bear foraged somewhere in private, but Eliza Bear foraged and ate in full view.


Eliza foraged to find the food that was provided. A beautiful profile view!


She sat down, taking a break from her foraging activity.


Eliza found a pear. We’ve seen that she is especially fond of pears.


She holds the pear in place with her front paws while she munches.

We think these photos are especially lovely because of the lighting that is soft, not harsh.  We also think this little bear is a beauty.