What did the three cubs do on Labor Day?  They labored!  After all, their “job” is to forage, eat and grow.  All three of them were doing their job very well on the holiday.  We think that as far as they were concerned Labor Day was no different from any other day.  Here are some photos of the cubs “working hard” to get bigger.

Eliza and Andy

Eliza and Andy Bear foraged together.


Andy forages. He is growing!


When the sunlight hits him, Andy’s fur looks lighter in color.


Finnegan was pretty well hidden, but here are parts of him.

Finn and Eliza

Finnegan and Eliza forage together.

Three cubs

All three of the cubs can be (almost) seen in this photo.

We are glad to see them eating well, and particularly glad to see them foraging together.  It seems that Finnegan has come to realize that he is a bear, like the siblings.