The cubs were busy with their favorite activity – foraging and eating.  Curator Janet had thrown pears, apples and Mazuri Bear Diet pellets for them to find and they were doing just that.


Here is Andy foraging. Finn is just out of the picture.

Finn and Andy

Finn appeared from the underbrush. We can still see Andy further back.

Andy and Finn

Andy and Finnegan were munching on pears and apples.

For some unknown reason, Eliza spied a pear that seemed to her like the perfect pear.  She sneaked up behind the two male cubs, grabbed her chosen pear, and took off with it.


Eliza ran off into the underbrush with her prize.


She took her pear to the base of an evergreen tree, to enjoy it in private.

The other two cubs didn’t even notice her “theft” of that pear.  There were plenty of other pears, and they just went on eating.  They were pretty much oblivious to her sneakiness.


Eliza’s brother Andy didn’t care a bit. (Sorry, this photo is mislabeled. It is Andy Bear.)


Finnegan didn’t notice Eliza’s pear grab, either. He just went right on eating.

Curator Janet chuckled (silently) as she watched this little drama unfold.  She had no idea what made Eliza snatch the pear and run off with it, but she was glad that she caught it on camera, as she said so often it seems that nothing ever happens except the cubs are eating.