This was one of those times when not all of the cubs were visible.  As we have said before, in summer bears spend a lot of time in cooler, shady areas.  The cubs are no exception.Today we have photos of Andy and Eliza Bear, but Finnegan was not showing himself.


Eliza and Andy were foraging together.


One of the cubs moved into the shadows and was hard to see.

This illustrates why you can walk right past a bear in a forested area and not be aware that the animal is there.  They are big, but they blend into shadows very well.

It rained, and the two siblings went up a tree.  This is a typical response from a bear cub, even though it seems to us that they would be safer (if there is lightning) if they stayed on the ground.  We wouldn’t see the cubs up in the tree if it weren’t for the arrows.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza took shelter from the rain in a tall oak tree.


A closer view of Eliza. She is a wet little cub.  We’re betting the rain felt good to her.

Finnegan was hanging out in another part of the Wild Enclosure.  Maybe he’ll appear in the next post.