We’ve mentioned that the cubs are spending more time on the ground these days, since that’s where the food is found.  Foraging is serious business.  Bears do not care to be out in the sun during the heat of the day, so our threesome usually opts for the underbrush.  Only problem is that it makes it hard for curators to get photos of them.  We do have some today, however.  Here they are.

Three cubs

All three of the cubs foraged together.

It’s good to see them all together.  Finnegan, particularly benefits from the association with other little bears.


Andy Bear is finding food that appeals to him.


The cubs prefer to forage in the shade, which makes it hard to photograph them.


Eliza is not far away from the male cubs.


Finnegan forages near the other cubs.


Finn finds some tasty grapes.

Every once in a while, we are treated to a photo of other wildlife that stop by for a visit.  Curator Coy is a big fan of raptors, and was excited to see this red-shouldered hawk in the Wild Enclosure.


A handsome red-shouldered hawk landed in a tree in the enclosure.

The hawk didn’t pose a threat to the cubs, nor they to him, so it was just a good sighting of another beautiful wild creature.