Our cubs were busily foraging, as usual.  Finnegan chose to forage out of sight of the curator’s camera at first, but Andy and Eliza showed themselves.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza forage at the base of the tree.


Eliza munches on a nice apple.

Eliza alert

Eliza heard something. She is always alert to new or different sounds.


Her apple is finished. She will find another one, or a juicy pear instead.



Finnegan made a brief appearance as he foraged.


Finn was foraging in another location.

Did you know that the name for a group of butterflies is a “kaleidoscope?”  A very appropriate term, we think.  A kaleidoscope of butterflies paid a visit to ABR.


We can only see two or three of the black swallowtail butterflies here.

Curator Coy was able to zoom in on one butterfly.


A female black swallowtail butterfly. Isn’t she a beauty?

Bears and butterflies seem to coexist nicely.  Neither species was disturbed by the other.