Today we have some new photos of the three cubs.  As usual, there is eating taking place, but we also see Finnegan taking a dip in the Cubby Pool – a good idea in this hot weather.  On this day, the siblings foraged together and Finn chose to forage in another area.  They are free to forage where they wish.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza were up in their tree when Curator Coy delivered their food.

Coy got a closer photo of Andy with the zoom lens on the camera.


Andy Bear in the tree.

It didn’t take the two cubs long to climb down the tree to where the food was.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza foraged together.

They are black bears, and their fur looks very dark.

Andy and Eliza

Their fur looks black and very healthy.

Finnegan took a refreshing dip before he ate.


Finnegan in the Cubby Pool.

He came out and foraged in another area.  The sunlight made his fur look lighter and more reddish.


Finn foraging in the sunlight. His back looks reddish in the sun.

Although these cubs are black bears, the color of their fur can change due to light and shadow as well as to the camera’s view.