Curator Coy scattered food, as usual, for the cubs to find as they foraged.  Eliza and Andy foraged in Coy’s view, but Finnegan chose to forage privately in the underbrush.

Here is Andy Bear as he looks for food.


Andy is on the lookout for the food that Curator Coy threw over the fence.

A crow happened by to forage along with Andy.  A few weeks ago this would have sent Andy up a tree, but not so any more.  He continued to eat.

Andy and crow

Andy and the crow foraged together. Do crows like Mazouri Bear Diet pellets? Guess they aren’t choosy.

Andy and his sister took pears off to the shade of the tree to eat them.

Andy and Eliza

The siblings were smart. Why stay out in the open when it’s hot?


The two cubs ate in the shade.

Meanwhile, Finnegan was in the underbrush finding food.  He ate right where he found his lunch.  Why bother to move, was apparently his reasoning.

Finn's ear

That’s Finnegan’s ear. Curator Coy couldn’t see the rest of the cub.

The three cubs are spending more time on the ground now, since that’s where the food is.  They are getting ready for hyperphagia, the bears’ feeding frenzy in preparation for hibernation.