Yesterday we posted the portraits of Eliza Bear that our photographer of record, Ken LaValley took to mark the seven-month-old presumed birthday of our cubs.  Today we share the portraits of her brother, Andy Bear.  When the two siblings arrived at ABR in late June, Andy weighed just 13.2 pounds.  We can see that he is much larger now.  He’s been doing a good job of eating and putting on weight.

As a reminder, here are Andy and Eliza on the day they arrived.

Eliza and Andy

Eliza and her brother Andy on their arrival date in late June.

Contrast their size at that time with how they look today!


Andy Bear is seven months old!


Here is another portrait of Andy Bear.


Andy stood up to show off his paws. He is growing into them.


Andy will undoubtedly eat that lovely pear.

Andy and Eliza lost their mother to a traffic accident.  She had done an excellent job of caring for her cubs.  They were a good weight for five months old, and had she not been killed they would have stayed with her and would never have come to ABR.  But we are here to help cubs in need like Andy, Eliza and Finn.  The next post will feature Ken’s portraits of Finnegan Bear.