We have mentioned that ABR considers all of our cubs to have been born on January 22nd, a date that is midway in the possible range of dates for bear cubs to be born.  This means that August 22nd was the “seven-month-birthday” of our three cubs.  Ken LaValley, the very talented photographer of record for ABR, came by to take portrait shots of the cubs the other day.  Although he is far, far away in the lookout tower, not in the Wild Enclosure itself, he manages to capture unbelievable photos.  Today we will share his birthday portraits of Eliza Bear.

First let’s recall what Eliza and Andy looked like when they were rescued in late June.  Eliza weighed 15.2 pounds at that time.

Eliza and Andy

Eliza and her brother Andy on their arrival date in late June.

It is estimated that Eliza has doubled her weight by now.


Eliza is a healthy cub. She is filling out nicely and has a little round tummy.

Bear cubs often stand up on their hind legs to help them see over the tall grass and weeds.


In this photo, Eliza reminds us of a meerkat.


Eliza assumes a more traditional bear pose on all four legs.

We think Ken did a very fine job of capturing the personality of Eliza Bear.  in our next post we’ll share Andy Bear’s seven-month-old portraits.