Curator Janet was trapped in the observation tower a couple of days ago when a typical summer downpour occurred just after she had thrown food over the fence to the cubs in the Wild Enclosure.  She took advantage of her entrapment by filming Finnegan, Andy and Eliza as they eagerly consumed some of the fruits.  You will hear how hard it was raining, and you’ll see how that bothers the cubs not a bit – they are too busy filling their tummies!  Bears don’t mind the rain because their outer guard hairs act like a raincoat, repelling water from the sky or water from a swim.  Like dogs, they just shake off and are ready to go.

Interesting to see is the fact that Andy is eating standing up against a tree, as he did the other day.  This time his sister Eliza is doing so as well, but she has climbed up the tree and is sitting on a branch while she holds her pear against the tree.  Finnegan is more of a traditionalist – he eats his pear on the ground.

You will also see two of the cubs climbing the tree and being playful while doing so.  Just click to see this entertaining video of the three cubs.