Curator Coy has been busy filming the cubs recently.  Today we have a couple of new videos for your viewing pleasure.  The first one is a “Happy Birthday” video of the three cubs on a typical day in the Wild Enclosure.  In case you’re wondering why it’s a “Happy Birthday,” it was filmed on the cubs’ presumed seven-month-old birthday.  We have mentioned before that ABR has chosen January 22nd as the official birthday of our cubs. This date falls in the middle of the range of dates when all black bear cubs are born. So here are the cubs on their seven-month-old birthday.  Even though they don’t realize it, it’s a big day for them!   Click here to see the cubs on their big day.  They are growing and are even oblivious to the crows now that they are so big!

The second video was filmed a couple of days earlier and shows how Finnegan and Eliza negotiate tree climbing when they were both climbing in the same tree and had to pass each other.  If they weren’t friends it could have led to an argument and to one bear preventing the other from going up or down.  But since they are comfortable with each other, you’ll see that they work things out very amicably.  Click here to see Eliza and Finnegan climbing around each other.