We are happy to report that the three cubs – Finnegan, Andy and Eliza Bear – are all thriving  at ABR.  They are eating well and the curators are very pleased with their progress.  We have new photos of the three of them in their Wild Enclosure today.  It has cooled by a few degrees, and we’re sure the cubs are enjoying that fact (so are we!)  Soon the annual feeding frenzy for bears, known by the scientific term of hyperphagia, will cause our little bears to dramatically increase their food intake.  However, it hasn’t happened as yet.  For now, we are just glad that the cubs are getting along so well with each other.


Andy Bear is foraging in the underbrush, where he knows he’ll find food.


Eliza Bear is climbing down from her tree to forage along with Andy.


Finnegan Bear stalks through the tall grass in search of tasty morsels.

We’re sure you will agree that the cubs are looking very healthy.  Their fur is smooth and shiny, their eyes are bright and they certainly like to eat.  And after all, eating is their most important job while they are at ABR.