As promised, we have links to three new videos of the ABR cubs.  The first one shows Andy Bear as he eats a pear while standing up, in essence using the tree trunk as his plate.  Click here to watch this very original and unique eating method.  We don’t think we’ll try it, but it certainly works well for Andy Bear!

Remember when the crows were scaring our cubs.  Eliza Bear, in particular seemed to be very frightened by the raucous birds, and scurried up a tree.  No more!  This next video shows the newly brave Eliza going about the business of eating even though the crows are back!  This link will take you to the video of Eliza, crows, and pears.

Finally, we have a video that Curator Coy took when he saw Finnegan Bear trying to pick nuts from the hickory tree.  Adult bears do eat the nuts but their extra hard shells make them impossible for cubs to eat.  However, the fact that Finnegan is trying to harvest them indicates that he instinctively knows they are “bear food.”  Click here to see our smart little bear going for the nuts.