We must apologize for the long delay in posting.  Computer and web issues were to blame.

We have some photos of the cubs today, and later in the day we’ll post links to 3 new  videos on YouTube.  Hope that will make up for the days without posts.

The three cubs are still sharing the hickory tree that has been their favorite for quite some time now.  We find it interesting that with all the trees in the Wild Enclosure they have all chosen this particular hickory tree in which to rest and sleep.  We’ll never know what guides their decisions, but they seem happy with sharing the tree, and that’s what counts!


Eliza Bear on her perch in the hickory tree.

Eliza and Finn

Eliza and Finnegan. Finn started to climb down to forage; Eliza watched him.

Andy and Eliza

Andy appeared to forage with Eliza. Finn went off to a different spot.

We want to show you the lovely note cards that Townsend artist, Lois Alexander, has designed for us to sell in the ABR online store.  You can find out more here:

note card

ABR note cards feature artwork by Townsend artist, Lois Alexander, of Summer Bear, a cub from last year.

We hope that we’ll be able to continue posting without interruptions.  Later today we’ll post the links to those YouTube videos.  Thank you for your patience.