Because of the warm days and extremely high humidity  we’ve had some foggy mornings recently.  The Wild Enclosure is at a lower elevation than is the office, Cub Nursery, and other buildings so it is often foggy in the mornings.  Not that the cubs mind – they have no weather preferences that we have seen them display – but sometimes it makes it hard for the curator to see them, let alone take photos when he goes down with their morning meal.  This is how it looked yesterday morning.


It was hard to see anything in the Wild Enclosure. Almost looks like an underwater scene!

Curator Coy did get a photo of one of the cubs through the fog.

Cub in fog

Which cub is this? Even Coy couldn’t tell.

When the fog burned off a short time later, Andy suddenly appeared.


Andy Bear appeared when the sun came out.


Eliza showed herself on the ground as she began to forage.

Curator Coy was able to get a photo of all three cubs foraging together.

Finn, Andy, Eliza

Finnegan, Andy and Eliza Bear are foraging close together.

He saw Finnegan as the cub was about to find a favorite food – a pear!


There it is – a juicy pear for Finn!

We are glad that the cubs are getting along so well.  This is especially important for Finnegan, who didn’t have the benefit of other bears in his life before.  He is learning who he is, and learning how to be a bear.