There has been so much media coverage of the Rio Olympics, that we thought we’d post about our own Gold Medal performance in the Bear Cub Olympics – Finnegan Bear, a star swimmer and diver!  Finnegan was photographed at the Cubby Pool, which is a bit smaller than the Olympic pool, but after all, he is a bit smaller (and a different species, at that) than Michael Phelps.

The curators hadn’t seen him in the pool since the arrival of Andy and Eliza Bear, so it was good to see him back to the activity he enjoyed so much.


Finnegan Bear approaches the Cubby Pool.


He inspects the diving board.


Finnegan tests the diving board for stability.


Finnegan assumes his position on the diving board.

Finn in pool

He executes a perfect dive (sorry about the leaves in the way).

Finn pool

He completes a lap in the pool.

Finn - pool

He completes a second lap in the pool.


Finnegan – the Gold Medal Bear Cub!

Of course, we are being playful and silly, comparing the bear cub to the athletes in the Olympics.  But we are sure that if there were a contest for bear cubs Finnegan would come out a winner!  He has grown into a handsome young bear cub.