We have a treat today in the form of two short videos in which the curators have captured glimpses of the three cubs – yes, all three of them – interacting!  As you know, the curators had hoped ever since Andy and Eliza joined Finnegan in the Wild Enclosure that the three would become playmates.  They are delighted to see this new interaction developing.

The first video starts with Andy on a stump.  Then Curator Coy heard rustling in the underbrush, and discovered that Finn and Eliza were wrestling.  This is a very typical cub behavior, and one that Finnegan, as a solo cub had not experienced.  But it seems that he had the skill and interest; all he needed was the opportunity.  We apologize for the fact that it’s a bit hard to make out the cubs in the thick underbrush, but you can catch glimpses of Finn (no ear tags) and Eliza (yellow ear tags).  Since they were near the culvert den they picked up some cedar chips on their fur.  Click here to see this video.

The second video starts with a minute more of the wrestling in the underbrush, but then shows much clearer images of all three of the cubs as they parade past the Cubby Pool.  Andy Bear looks as though he might go for a swim, but instead he continues to march ahead with the others.  There are good views of each little bear in this short video.  Click  to see the “Cub Parade.”