In our last post we reported that Curator Coy had delivered pears to the three cubs (by throwing them over the fence, as usual).  Andy Bear had a very interesting and unusual method of eating his pears.  He stood up and used the tree trunk as a “snack bar.”  It gave Coy the opportunity to get a good look at this little cub, and Coy noted with pleasure that Andy has a beautiful, shiny coat and is developing a rounded tummy.  In other words, he is a healthy young bear – good news!


Andy Bear stands up to eat his pear.


Curator Coy zoomed in and had a good view of Andy . Look at that tummy!

The other two cubs, Finnegan and Eliza, were in the favorite tree.  They started down when they saw that Andy was eating.

Eliza and Finn

Eliza and Finnegan Bear starting down from their perches in the tree.

Eliza and Finn took pears into the underbrush to eat in the shade, a more traditional method of eating.