The three little cubs seem to have chosen the large hickory tree as “the place to be.”  As was the case yesterday and the day before, all of them were in the same tree.  Each cub has his/her own spot in the tree, with Finnegan usually in the top branches.  Curator Coy took these photos during the brief time he was at the enclosure to throw food over the fence.  By the way, since the cubs are spending time together in the tree, the curators have gone back to the usual method of scattering food in various places rather than concentrating it in one area.  Here are the cubs in their tree.


Finnegan Bear is a silhouette against the sky as he sits in the top of the tree.


Andy Bear is way up there, also, though not quite as high as Finn.


Eliza Bear has a comfortable branch down a bit lower.

To human eyes, it seems that Eliza is smart to choose a resting spot that is safer than those chosen by the boys.  However, it’s very normal for little bears to climb up high, so Finn and Andy are behaving like wild bear cubs should.