It’s been too hot for little cubs in fur coats!  Curator Coy was able to get a quick photo of only one of the cubs – Andy Bear, as he hurried from one shady place to another.  Neither Finnegan nor Eliza Bear showed themselves.  We can’t blame them, though.  We wouldn’t be out in the sun if we were wearing fur, either!  We’re hoping for a little cool down, even a few degrees would help.

Here is Andy on his mission to get into the shade.


Andy Bear was hurrying from one shady spot to another.

If the weather cools just a little, maybe we’ll have more photos for you next time.  The curators are staying away from the enclosure except for a very brief visit once a day to throw the food over the fence.  That’s why there have been fewer photos than usual lately.  Last year at this time there were cubs in two or three enclosures, making it much easier and less intrusive for the curators to get photos.