We don’t know if the “fake dead crow” is the reason or if it’s a coincidence, but the crows did not bother the cubs on this day.  Curator Coy was able to get some photos of the critters with black fur, but not the ones with black feathers!

The weather has been hot, and the furry little bears are foraging in the shade where it is cooler.


Andy Bear foraged in the shade.

Andy and Finn

Andy and Finnegan are quite close together. This is a good sign.


Eliza Bear is hard to see in the deep shade, where  she is cooler.


Finnegan finds something to eat.


Finnegan forages near the culvert den.

We are glad there was an absence of crows.  No telling how long it will last, but for now all is good.  The three little bears are eating and getting chubby.