We are fortunate to have some excellent photos of all three of the ABR cubs in their Wild Enclosure.  We can see that Andy and Eliza are still smaller than Finnegan, who had the benefit of ABR’s Chubby Cubby campaign for a longer time.  Of course, on the flip side, the twins had the benefit of their mother’s care and teaching for much longer than Finn.


Eliza Bear sniffs the air for – only her nose knows! No doubt she smells the other two cubs.

Curator Coy was glad to see Eliza Bear on the ground.  For a while it seemed as though she was never going to descend from her tree in daylight hours.


She sits in the midst of tall grass.


Andy and Eliza stay together a lot.

Andy at pool

Andy goes over to the Cubby Pool. Is he going to go for a swim?

Andy - pool

He steps up on the edge of the pool and balances on the log as if poised for a plunge.


No swim this time. Instead he walks around the edge, showing what good balance he has.

Andy stands

Something caught his eye and he stands up to get a better view or sniff.

All bears stand on their hind legs easily, but cubs do so more often than adult bears for the simple reason that they are closer to the ground and have trouble seeing over tall grass.


Finnegan comes by the pool. He looks like he’s on a mission.


He has dipped his paw in the water. Maybe he’ll go for a swim.

Finn forages

No swimming just now – he goes back to foraging instead.

All three of the little cubs are healthy.  We can tell by their growth and the shiny fur.  They are thriving at ABR.