The foliage and underbrush in the Wild Enclosure is lush.  We are glad of that, but it does make the cubs harder to spot when the curator is down near the enclosure for a very short time to throw their food over the fence.  That is the only time during the day when photos can be taken.  Today we have some photos of cubs “playing peek-a-boo” (in human terms) with the curator.  He did spot them, or parts of each in the underbrush where they were foraging.


Andy Bear is still a little cub, but he’s looking good.


Eliza Bear is very well hidden.


A part of Finnegan Bear was visible as he foraged in the thick undergrowth.

Curator Coy estimates that Finnegan weighs about 35 pounds now.  He has had a diet of nutritious food ever since he arrived at ABR when he was just a few weeks old.  Coy estimates that Andy and Eliza Bear weigh about 25 pounds each.  They are smaller, but were in the wild with their mother for the first five months of life.  Their food wasn’t as plentiful, but the time with their mother certainly made up for the nutrition deficit. They have gained at least 10 pounds each since coming to ABR.