The three cubs were foraging not far from each other.  It seems that the curator’s strategy to get them closer to each other by throwing food in one part of the Wild Enclosure is working – more or less.  Some crows came back, but the cubs are not as frightened as they were.  They must be getting used to the raucous crows and consider them to be part of the background noises they hear.  The only sounds the cubs hear are natural sounds – no human speech, as the curators are completely silent when they go to feed the bears.


Andy Bear in the underbrush.


Andy and Finnegan forage near to each other.

Eliza Bear was nearby and when Finnegan moved closer to her location, she startled, huffed, and climbed part way up a tree.  She peed (we aren’t sure if that was a message or just a case of having to go at the moment).  Then she descended the tree again and went on foraging.  This was a good sign – if she had been truly afraid of Finn she would have gone all the way up the tree.


Eliza scrambled up the tree but stopped before climbing too high.

Curator Coy did capture an image of one of the crows.


One of the not-so-scary crows.

It’s fortunate that the cubs have become used to the crows and aren’t reacting in fear as they did at first.  When they return to the wild, they will be sharing the territory with many forms of wildlife, crows included.