In the last post we told about crows that frightened Eliza Bear and caused her to stay very close to a tree for safety.  There were nine of those crows, but the next day they came back with more of their friends and family (the first group probably spread the word about free food at ABR).  This time, it caused some angst for all three of our cubs.  Their bravery only goes so far.  All three of them stayed well hidden in underbrush.  That is the second safety strategy for young cubs, the first being to seek safety up a tree.  Since the crows were flying around and landing in the trees, the cubs decided the safest spot was on the ground.

Curator Coy was only able to get a photo of one of the crows, and catch a quick glimpse of Finnegan Bear foraging safely in the underbrush.  Because Coy used the zoom lens, it looks like the crow is as big as our cub!

Crow and Finn

One of the crows – and Finnegan Bear, foraging in undergrowth.

Coy is trying to figure out how to encourage the crows to leave.  We often share the cubs’ food with other wildlife, but so many crows frightening the little bears is a bit much!