We have reported that the three cubs in Wild Enclosure #4, Finnegan, Andy and Eliza, have not been seen playing together or associating with one another.  Andy and his sister stay together, but Finnegan is not included in their activities.  Actually, after the first couple of days they were in the enclosure with him, Finnegan hasn’t tried to get closer to them, either.  The curators were very patient, hoping that after Andy and Eliza became used to their new digs they would see Finnegan as a playmate.  Food was delivered in two separate areas so the cubs could forage apart.

Now that they are six months old (ABR has arbitrarily set January 22nd as the official birthdate of all of our cubs) Curator Rick decided to force the issue of togetherness by throwing food over the fence into just one area.  The cubs would have to forage near to each other, he reasoned.  Here is the result of his new method of food delivery.

Cubs foraging.

An overview of cubs foraging. The one on the left is Finn, the other is one of the siblings.

Although they aren’t terribly close, at least they are no longer on opposite sides of the enclosure.


Finnegan forages in the undergrowth.


Eliza Bear finds an apple.


Eliza starts to climb the tree with her prize.


She changes her mind and lies down on the ground to eat.


Andy climbs down the tree to join his sister.

Eliza and Andy

Eliza and Andy forage together.

Finnegan was heard “trilling” in the underbrush when he finished eating.  Curator Rick assumed that he was playing with his Mother Bunny.