Computer issues delayed this post, but here it is at last – the rest of Lucinda’s release story.

Lucinda arrived at ABR on May 24th.  She was a very underweight yearling at just eighteen pounds.  It was determined that she was the final admission of the 2015-16 season and the last of the malnourished cubs/yearlings affected by the near failure of the hard mast crop in the fall.  It was hoped that a few weeks at ABR would permit her to gain sufficient weight to return to the wild and thrive.  That is what happened, as you will see in this review of her story.


Lucinda foraging in the wild just before her rescue.

Ranger Ryan - Lucinda

Ranger Ryan Williamson rescued Lucinda on May 24th.

Lucinda at UT

Lucinda was examined at the UT Vet School.


Her teeth and mouth showed signs of malnutrition.


Lucinda arrived at ABR.

Initially she was housed in an Acclimation Pen, but when the cub, Finnegan, was placed in the pen adjacent to The Cub House, she was moved in hopes that she and Finn might bond.  That did not happen, however.  She ignored him.

Lucinda- cub house

Lucinda in The Cub House, June 4th.  She wanted nothing to do with the bear cub next door.


Lucinda released into the Wild Enclosure on June 13th.

In Wild Enclosure #4, Lucinda continued to ignore Finnegan, though he tried to make contact a couple of times.  He seemed to be a bit afraid of her.  Since it was obvious they weren’t going to become friends, Lucinda was moved into her own Wild Enclosure #3.


Lucinda enjoyed her own private pool.

For the next month Lucinda foraged, gained weight, and enjoyed her privacy.  As a yearling she was already used to a solitary life.


Lucinda the day before she went into the baited pen and was captured for release.

The workup went smoothly.

Weight 54 pounds

Lucinda weighed 54 pounds – an impressive weight gain.

13775941_1248446508501272_4630933574875776564_n_07-18_lucinda-teeth - Copy

Her mouth and teeth are healthy.

GPS collar

The GPS collar is fitted by Ranger Ryan.


Lucinda was ready for her trip back to the wild.

checking carrier

Curator Rick and Ranger Ryan check the transport carrier.

truck leaves

The truck drives away.

When the release site was reached, it didn’t take long for Lucinda to return to the wild where she belongs.


 Lucinda comes out of the transport cage and gets ready to jump down.


Lucinda runs

She runs off immediately.


Goodbye, Lucinda Bear!

As we say each time a bear is released, we wish Lucinda Bear a long and happy life in the wild.  There should be plenty of berries for her to eat now, and if all goes well, there will be acorns in the fall.  Good bye and good luck, Lucinda Bear!