In our last post we wondered how long it might take to capture Lucinda Bear in the baited Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #3.  Curator Coy is working on the passive capture plans, but so far hasn’t succeeded in luring her into the pen.  He did get a couple of good photos of the yearling snoozing in the tree in the enclosure.


Lucinda snoozes in her tree.


Lucinda is more visible from this angle. She looks totally relaxed.

Having seen that Lucinda would venture over the threshold, Coy decided to move the barrel trap to the open door, in hopes that Lucinda will step inside.  Time will tell.


If she crosses the threshold, she will walk into the trap.

She is a very smart little bear and may not fall for Coy’s plan.  Bears seem to have an aversion to traps of all kinds.  But if she smells enough tempting food smells, she just may give in to her stomach.

Coy was also able to get good photos of the sibling cubs, Andy and Eliza.  Finnegan did not appear for this photo session.  The brother and sister were in a tree.


Eliza Bear in a typical cub pose on the trunk of a tree.


Andy looks up at his sister from further down on the tree.


Andy and Eliza together in the tree.


Eliza (above) and Andy climb the tree together.

The two cubs have become more comfortable at ABR.  But the curators are cutting back on the amount of time they spend near the Enclosures, so they can’t get as many photos as they formerly could.  On this occasion Finnegan was hidden.  At other times Eliza, Andy, or Lucinda are not visible.  We are glad to see any images they are able to capture for us.