In our last post we revealed that Finnegan, Eliza and Andy were in the same tree without huffing or swatting at each other.  We are happy to report that when Curator Rick checked on the cubs the next morning they were still in the same hickory tree.  He noted that Andy and Finn had changed positions, so that Finnegan was on the lowest branch and could have climbed down, but he didn’t.  Rick observed a playful interaction between the two males in which they swatted lightly and nipped each other but without any vocalizing of huffs or clacks to indicate distress or aggression.  When Curator Rick left the area a few minutes later all three of the cubs were still resting in the hickory tree.  We will be very anxious to follow this story as it plays out and the cub relationships change.


Andy Bear was on an upper branch of the tree.


Finnegan Bear was on a lower branch. He could have climbed down if he wanted to.

Andy’s sister, Eliza, was on an even higher branch than her brother.  She was hidden by the leaves of the tree.

Curator Coy has begun the sometimes slow process of luring Lucinda Bear into the Acclimation Pen so she can be sedated for her release back into the wild.  He has placed treats in the pen and has left the door partly open.  Lucinda has gained the weight she needed and we understand the soft mast (berries) crop is doing well so she is ready to go back where she belongs.

Acclimation Pen

Lucinda is tempted by the smells coming from the Acclimation Pen.


Lucinda is a beautiful and healthy yearling bear.

When Lucinda can be captured in the Acclimation Pen she will be worked up for her release.  The three cubs will need to remain at ABR longer and will likely be released in the fall.