We have reported that the three cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 have maintained their distance  and especially that Finnegan has kept away from the two sibling cubs, Eliza and Andy.  It appears that perhaps that aloofness is diminishing. After seeing them foraging at the same time (though just for a few moments) Curator Rick observed and photographed all three of the cubs in the same hickory tree!

Three cubs in tree

Three cubs sharing the same tree. Finnegan is between the two siblings.

As we have said before, when the curators take photos of the cubs, they must do so from a distance and very quickly.  They don’t stay around very long at all to avoid habituating the bears to the presence of a human.

3 cubs

Rick was able to zoom in a little to show the cubs better.  Eliza is hard to see.

Finn and Andy

The cubs were tolerating each other – there was no huffing or swatting .

We are pleased to see this new attitude of tolerance.  The cubs may or may not become friends or playmates, but we’re glad that at least Finnegan is having some experiences with others of his species.  He was so very young when he came to ABR that he has really not had a chance to learn about being a bear.  Lucinda, the yearling, simply ignored him.  It will be interesting to see what happens over the next several days and weeks.