During the winter when trees were bare, it was easy to spot the cubs or yearlings.  But now that the trees are leafed out in all their summertime finery they give cubs a “cloak of invisibility” and make the task of photographing them much harder.  For this post, the curator was only able to see two of the bears.


Lucinda the yearling was spotted resting in her tree in the Wild Enclosure.

Lucinda is in her own enclosure, Wild Enclosure #3.  The three cubs are in Wild Enclosure #4, and Andy Bear was the only one who showed himself.


Andy Bear is partly hidden behind a leafy curtain in his tree.


The curator had a front view and a back view of Andy.

Neither Andy’s sister, Eliza, nor Finnegan Bear made an appearance during the photo shoot.  Maybe next time.  All four of the bears are thriving.