Finnegan seems to have recovered from his uncertainty about the new cubs in Wild Enclosure #4.  He was back to his usual, active pattern of behavior.  He started out getting comfort from his Mother Bunny.  The first photo shows how far away the curators are when they take the photos of the cubs.

Mother Bunny and Finn

The little black dots in the center are Mother Bunny (L) and Finnegan (R) at the base of the tree.

Finn with Mother Bunny

Finnegan took Mother Bunny to the top of the culvert den.

He comforts himself by sucking on the stuffed rabbit.  A couple of years ago we had a very young brother and sister at ABR; the female cub sucked on her brother’s ear as a “pacifier,” in the same way that Finn sucks on his Mother Bunny.

Finn gets down

After a few minutes, he leaves the bunny and goes off to swim in the pool.

Finn - pool

The cool water must feel good to him. He loves the water.

Bears are naturally very good swimmers.  They have been known to swim across rivers.  Obviously Finn did not need swimming lessons!

Finn swims

He can actually swim in the Cubby Pool.  Looks like he has good form.

Hopefully his new enclosure mates will come down and discover the pleasure of swimming soon, but for now they seem to prefer to stay in their trees.


Eliza is seen from behind. She is resting comfortably.


Andy Bear moves to a new spot in his tree.

So far, the curators haven’t seen Eliza and Andy on the ground foraging, but they are sure that the two cubs do come down to eat during the night when they feel safer.  The surroundings are still strange to them, as they have only been at ABR for about ten days.