An interesting development in Wild Enclosure #4 – all three of the little cubs were in the same tree – sort of.  Actually, the two siblings, Andy and Eliza were in the same tree when Finnegan started to climb up that tree.  He climbed up and back down several times, never going higher than halfway up and huffing as he did so.  Eliza and Andy observed him but made no comment.  Apparently they do not consider him to be a threat.  It seems that Finn is very curious about these newcomers and would like to get to know them better, but for now at least, they  have no interest in forming a play group.  The photos show all three of the cubs and you can read into their expressions whatever seems reasonable to you.

Eliza and Andy

Eliza on left and her brother Andy on the right were sharing a tree.

Finn climbs

Curious Finnegan climbed the tree, but only about halfway.


Eliza Bear looks down at Finn as he climbs and huffs.


She doesn’t focus her attention strictly on Finn, however.

Eliza- insects

Eliza has a snack of insects that she licks off of the tree.


Eliza stretches out in the tree to take a rest. Maybe she’ll go to sleep.


Andy Bear, in the same tree, seems unconcerned about Finnegan’s huffing.

We hope that the three little cubs can become playmates.  Of course Andy and Eliza have had each other as playmates for a few months, but Finnegan really needs to associate with other bears, especially cubs his age.  It has happened many times before in ABR’s history that unrelated cubs have become “pals” during their stay at ABR.  Time will tell.