The two cub siblings, Andy and Eliza, joined Finnegan in Wild Enclosure #3 a few days ago.  How interesting it was to see all three little cubs react to Mother Bunny, Finn’s toy rabbit, at the base of his tree.  Here is the story in pictures.


The door to the Acclimation Pen was open. Finn checked out the pen and exchanged words with Andy.


Andy steps out into the Wild Enclosure.


Andy goes to where Finn’s Mother Bunny is stashed.

Andy sniffs

Andy spends some time sniffing Mother Bunny. Of course she smells like Finn.

Finn vocalizes

Finnegan, up a tree, vocalizes at Andy. Was he saying “That’s mine!” perhaps?

Andy climbs

Andy climbs another tree, vocalizing at Finn.

The two cubs climbed their respective trees, huffing at each other as they did so.


Eliza Bear steps out into the Wild Enclosure after her brother.


Eliza also goes straight to Mother Bunny, but isn’t too interested.

Eliza in tree

Eliza quickly climbs another tree.


Later, Finnegan comes down to claim his Mother Bunny.


He spends some time with Mother Bunny, showing his comfort level by “trilling.”

“Trilling” is a name for the pleasure sound that young cubs make when nursing or being comforted, usually by a mother bear.  Since Finn was orphaned at such a young age he has made the sound when being comforted by the stuffed toy the curators provided for him.  The curators wisely assumed he might need Mother Bunny in the Wild Enclosure when he was alone.  Now he may not need her as much, if he and the siblings can learn to accept each other and develop a mutually friendly relationship.


Finnegan has the last word. We aren’t sure exactly what it is.

Mother Bunny was very popular.  Even a passing butterfly hovered over her for a moment.


A butterfly checks out Mother Bunny.

Curator Coy threw lots of good food over the fence for the three cubs to find.  He wants them to quickly learn that there is plenty of food for all, and no need to compete for favorite morsels.

Raining food

It’s raining food – plenty for all!

We will continue to follow the progress of these three bear cubs.  You may have noticed that although they are the same age, Finnegan is larger because of his enriched diet at ABR.  The siblings are a more average size for their age, having been in the wild and foraging with their mother since emerging from a den in April or early May.