Today we will provide links to two very entertaining videos of Finnegan Bear, the five-month-old cub who arrived at Appalachian Bear Rescue in March.  He has grown quickly on the good diet of bear pellets and natural fruits that the curators provide.  A very important part of his growth is also play, and Finn does love to play!  In this first video, we see him playing in the Wild Enclosure.  We might say he is a bit rambunctious, but all of the play moves help him to develop his strength and coordination.  Click here to see Finn at play.

The second video shows Finnegan enjoying a very special treat – a hornet’s nest that Curator Janet found!  Bears get most of their protein from eating insects, grubs, and the eggs and larvae of various insect species, including hornets.  So Janet was giving the cub a very tasty snack.  Do you think he knew that it was good to eat and what to do with it?  For the answer, click this link and see for yourself!