In our last post we told about the rescue of two black bear cubs whose mother was killed in traffic.  They were brought to ABR after their examination by the vets at UTCVM, and Curator Coy housed them in The Cub House for observation.

Andy and Eliza

Andy and Eliza Bear on the platform in The Cub House.

Curator Coy gave them fruit (mashed plums and applesauce) for a snack, and left them to adjust to their new surroundings.  The fruit was gone by morning, and we can see that the two cubs climbed up to the platform.

Eliza and Andy

The cubs will be outside soon.

Bears have such incredible noses that we can be absolutely sure that Eliza and Andy know there are other bears nearby, and the same is true of Finnegan and Lucinda out in the Wild Enclosure.


Finn is resting below a favorite tree. We don’t often see him lying still like this.


Finn is alert. His nose tells him there are new bears nearby.

Finn stands

Finn stands up to get a better sense of who and where those new bears may be.

It is very common for bears of all ages to stand up in order to get a better view or sniff of something that has caught their attention.

Finn slimbs

Finnegan decides his best course of action is to climb the tree.

Very soon, if all goes well, the sibling cubs will join Finnegan in the Wild Enclosure.  At last he will have real playmates!