TWRA officers rescued two little bear cubs whose mother was killed in a traffic accident.  He took the cubs to UTCVM and Curator Coy met him there.  The cubs are a brother and sister, and they were nicknamed Andy and Eliza Bear.  They are healthy and of good weights for five-month-old wild bear cubs.  Andy weighs 13.2 pounds and his sister weighs 15.4 pounds.  Here are photos of their arrival at UT and their examination there.

Two cubs

Andy and Eliza Bear in the back of the TWRA truck outside the UTCVM building.

Andy Bear

Andy Bear on the examination table.

Andy's teeth

Andy’s baby teeth are coming in. His mouth is healthy.

Eliza exam

Dr. Morrison and her team examine Eliza Bear.


Eliza is checked and measured. She is a good size for a wild cub.

Eliza foot

Eliza’s foot.

We are very sad that these cubs lost their mother, but ABR is glad to come to their aid.  We will follow their story in posts to come.  Curator Coy planned to house them in The Cub House so they can be monitored.  Stay tuned for developments!