We have seen very little interaction between yearling Lucinda Bear and cub Finnegan Bear.  However, one day very recently Finnegan, who is very interested in and curious about his larger Enclosure mate, took matters into his own paws and decided to climb up the tree where Lucinda was resting.  Here is what happened.

Finn climbs

Finnegan boldly climbs up Lucinda’s tree.

Is it our imagination, or does Finn look like he knows this is a daring move?


Lucinda looks down from above. She sees the little cub, but doesn’t appear to be bothered.

Finn- climbs

Fearless Finnegan climbs higher.


It looks like Lucinda is ignoring him.

Lucinda and Finnegan

Finnegan settles himself on a lower branch of the tree. There is quite a bit of distance between the two bears.

We wonder if this is a break through in their relationship.  It’s hard to tell, and Finn, being the active little cub he is, did not stay very long.  A few minutes later he climbed down and went off to play.  It will be very interesting to see how things develop going forward.  The curators very much hope that there will be enough interaction that Finnegan can learn more about being a bear from the yearling.