Milo came down his tree to sit on the stump.

As promised, in this post we visit Milo Bear in Wild Enclosure #3.  He made a prolonged appearance, permitting the curator to take several photos of him so that we can see what a handsome yearling he has become.


Milo is a healthy yearling with a shiny coat of fur.

Milo in sun

In the sunlight, his coat has a reddish-brown cast, even though he usually looks black.


He turns and shifts position on the stump, showing his rounded bear bum.


Milo finds a new resting pose.

Milo naps

Time for a nap after all that effort!


Naptime is over. Time to stand up and stretch.

Milo climbs

Milo climbs back up to his favorite perch in the tree.

To put things into perspective, here is a photo that shows how far away the curator was when taking these photos of Milo.


That little black spot out there in the middle is Milo on his stump!

Over in Wild Enclosure #4, we take a quick look at Finnegan and Lucinda.


Busy Finnegan climbing a tree.


Laid-back Lucinda peeks out from behind trees.

We can easily see the contrast between the yearlings, who are relatively stationary for long periods of time and a cub, who is a whirlwind of activity.  Lucinda watches Finn but does not interact with him.  We can see however, that yearlings and cubs alike are very skilled tree climbers!