Like a typical toddler, Finnegan Bear is busy all day, every day in the Wild Enclosure.  The fact that Lucinda has joined him matters not a bit to the active little cub.  He is learning about the “wild,” even though the Wild Enclosure is just a small sample of what his actual wild habitat will be like.  He climbs trees with the greatest of ease and loves the water in the Cubby Pool as well as in the drinking trough.  Here are some snapshots of him going about his usual activities.


Finnegan goes exploring. He is passing by the Acclimation Pen where he stayed for a while.

Showing his fearlessness, he checks out the den where Lucinda napped.  Of course it still has her scent.

Finn - culvert den

Finnegan checks out the culvert den where Lucinda napped on her first day in the Wild Enclosure.


He is off to experience something else.

The curators are sure that Finn has climbed every tree in the Wild Enclosure!

Finn - tree

Finnegan shows his tree climbing skill.

Finnegan must forage for the food that is thrown over the fence by the curators.  His nose leads the way as he seeks the berries and other foods that are scattered.  The curators schedule the food delivery at different times and in different parts of the enclosure, so that the bears don’t expect it at the same time and same place.  This, of course, is good practice for future foraging in the wild.


Finnegan is sniffing for frozen blueberries scattered in the grass.

Finn - berries

His nose leads him right to the berries!


Finn is learning to forage.

To give you an idea about where Finnegan and Lucinda are living, here are three photos of their Wild Enclosure.

Wild Enclosure 4

There is the pool in the foreground, and the Acclimation Pen to the right.

Wild Enclosure 4

There is plenty of undergrowth in which the bears, especially Lucinda, can hide.


And there are plenty of trees for Finnegan to practice his climbing skills!

Meanwhile, in another Wild Enclosure, Milo Bear stays in his tree.  You will remember that Milo is the yearling that was supposed to be returned to the wild on April 29th but has so far refused to be caught for his workup and release.


Milo is almost always in the same tree.


He shifts position, but stays put in his tree.

Of course, he does come down to forage now and then, but returns to the safety of his tree.  The curators are constantly thinking of ways to capture him, but so far haven’t been successful.  We’re sure that he WILL leave ABR, eventually!