In our last post we told of the release of Finnegan Bear, the four-month-old cub, into  Wild Enclosure #4.  We promised to post about Lucinda Bear, the yearling, and her new quarters.  When Finn moved out of the Acclimation Pen the curator opened the entire Cub House and Acclimation Pen to Lucinda, thus giving her more space and access to the outdoors in the pen that adjoins the Wild Enclosure.  Here are the photos taken by Curator Janet, that document Lucinda’s reaction.

We can see Finnegan outside in the Wild Enclosure in many of the photos.


The gate was lifted, and Lucinda ventured out into the Acclimation Pen.


She proceeds cautiously. Yearlings are typically very cautious.

Lucinda Bear has the appearance that is “classic yearling.”  The long legs, and gangly appearance (like a teenager) plus the large ears are very typical.


Lucinda Bear has a lanky appearance, very typical of yearlings.

Lucinda - Finnegan

She sits on the culvert den and looks out. There is Finnegan.

The cub seems curious about her, but she isn’t paying much attention to him.

Lucinda stands

Lucinda stands up on the culvert den. Finnegan looks away.

Lucinda climbs

She climbs up to the roof with ease.


If the roof weren’t in the way, she would go higher.

Lucinda climbs down

Having reached the top, she climbs back down.

Lucinda down

Down she goes to explore more of the Acclimation Pen.

Bears are excellent climbers, and learn to climb trees as soon as they emerge from the den with their mother.  Lucinda probably learned how to climb last year as a cub.  She is very skilled.  Finnegan has still remained in the photos, close to the Acclimation Pen.  It will be interesting to see how both of them react when she is released into the Wild Enclosure soon.