Lucinda Bear is a yearling who is currently residing in The Cub House.  The curators hoped that being right next to the Acclimation Pen where Finnegan is would encourage some interaction between them.  That has not happened, though.  Each of them ignores the other and goes about his/her business in solitary fashion.


Lucinda Bear climbs on the logs in The Cub House.

Bears are skilled climbers, and Lucinda was in the wild before coming to ABR and doubtless did a lot of tree climbing in her earlier cub days.


She does a lot of climbing in The Cub House, but soon it will be time for her to go outside.

She will be released into a Wild Enclosure soon, where she will have a chance to climb real trees again.  We’re sure she’ll be very happy about that.


Her climbing skills are obvious.

It’s too bad that she and Finnegan didn’t become friends, but maybe they will, in time.  Finnegan will be outdoors in a Wild Enclosure before long, himself.  Perhaps they will share an enclosure and might learn to interact.

Finnegan spends his time eating and then racing around his Acclimation Pen.  He has a lot of energy!


Finnegan eats often. He has grown a lot since he came to us in March.

Out in a Wild Enclosure, Alonzo and Wily are doing well and will soon be ready for release into the wild.


Alonzo sits in a tree in the Wild Enclosure.

Everything seems to be going well at ABR. Watch for releases coming soon!