Finnegan Bear, the four-month-old cub currently residing at ABR is eating all of the nutritious food that the curators provide.  That’s why he has grown from a 2.9 ounce cub in March to an (estimated) 20-25 pound cub in late May!  A bear’s business is to gain weight, and all bears spend their time foraging and eating.  Finnegan doesn’t have to forage, at least not yet.  He will start that training when he is released into the Wild Enclosure.  For now. he is eagerly consuming everything that is put before him, and seems to especially love the grapes and berries.  As these photos show he has a unique style of eating.


Interesting pose for eating, with bum up and nose down.

We wonder if he is practicing yoga and the Downward Dog pose (in this case, Downward Cub).


He is partially sitting on the edge of his water dish.


That door in the picture is how Finnegan goes out into the Acclimation Pen.

Finnegan Bear has a 3-room suite at ABR.  One room is where he eats, one is his self-selected bathroom, and the other is his outdoor Acclimation Pen where he can play and climb.  It won’t be long before he is released out into the Wild Enclosure that he can see outside of the Acclimation Pen.