A couple of days ago, the ABR curator got some really good photos of our little four-month-old cub, Finnegan Bear in the Acclimation Pen.  These images show that Finnegan is getting bigger and stronger and is doing very well.


Finnegan is learning to climb on the fencing that surrounds the pen.

Finnegan eats

Finnegan eats well and has a varied diet of natural foods.

You may wonder about the lettuce.  In spring, bears eat tender leaves and grasses.  The lettuce mimics that for Finnegan.

Finnegan eats

He loves his food, and who can blame him?

And then there is Milo Bear.  He is still in Wild Enclosure #3, all by himself so that he can be lured into a pen by the tasty treats the curators provide.  Or at least that’s what they hope!  No luck so far.


Milo Bear stays in the trees for most of every day.

As a reminder of how far away the curator is when taking a photo, here is this picture of Milo from the actual distance from camera to bear.


The red arrow is pointing to a tiny black speck in the tree. That’s Milo as seen in the previous image.

The other three yearlings are together in Wild Enclosure #4.  All of the bears are doing very well and the curators are pleased with their progress.