Appalachian Bear Rescue has designated January 22nd as the “official birthday” of cubs or yearlings that come to us.  All bear cubs are born between the middle of January and middle of February, so January 22nd is in the center of that window of time.  We have photos today of all of the current  ABR bears as they turn the page on another month of their lives.

First, here is our 2016 spring cub, Finnegan Bear.

Finnegan eats

Finnegan Bear loves to eat! He is eating  “big bear food,” that isn’t cut up quite so small.

Next, we move out into Wild Enclosure #4, where three yearlings are residing.


Alonzo Bear is looking good. He’s put on weight.


Skipper Bear has made an amazing recovery. No more 8-pound weakling!


Looks like Wily Bear didn’t want to have his picture taken, but he looks healthy.

Next, we visit Wild Enclosure #3, where Milo still hangs out in his tree, trying the patience of the curators and the wildlife officers.


Yes, Milo is still with us. He is challenging the resourcefulness of the curators.

We hope to report that Milo is on his way back to the wild very soon.  Of course we have been hoping that for a month now.  We’ll let you know………