Today we have photos of two of our yearlings in their Wild Enclosures.  Milo is in Wild Enclosure #3, so that no other yearling can get to the treats that are being offered to try and lure him into a pen.  Wily, Alonzo and Skipper are in Wild Enclosure #4.

Here’s Milo – still with us, and still staying in his favorite tree.


Milo is very comfortable! He doesn’t realize there are lots of trees out in his real wild habitat, when he is released.

Wily Bear is in a tree in his enclosure.  The yearlings spend their time in trees, coming down to forage and then climbing back up to rest and survey the scene.


Here is Wily.


And here he is again. He has his own style of sitting in a tree.

We’ll continue to post photos as the curators are able to capture the images of our little bears.  With all the leaves on the trees now, it’s not as easy as it was a couple of months ago!