Over a period of a couple of days, Curators Coy and Janet filmed the process by which they feed our three-month-old cub, Finnegan Bear.  He is currently housed in The Cub House, where he will stay until he’s big and strong enough to be released into an Acclimation Pen and then into the Wild Enclosure.  As you will see in this amazing (and amusing) video, it’s a carefully worked out system to avoid any actual interaction between the human curators and the cub.  You will hear noise created by both humans and bear cub, but there is no visual interaction.  As we have said many times before, human contact is absolutely minimal, so that the bears can be released back into the wild.

Please click here to see and enjoy this new video.  It will show you how careful  the curators are and how demanding a tiny cub can be.